• SCADA sysytem design and implementation
  • One Line, Three Line engineering and wirring/panel design
  • Communication configuration and setup (TCP/IP,Modbus,RS485,DNP)
  • Relay protection upgrades
  • Relay Setting Review
  • NERC CIP review for Physical and IT Security compliance standards
  • Substation startup and Electrical Acceptence Testing
  • Blocking/Unblocking Schemes,Pott Schemes,Pilot Wire
  • Access Control Design and Implementation


  • Feeder, Bus and Transformer
  • SCADA system design and
  • One Line, Three Line engineering
    and wiring/panel design
  • Communications configuration and
  • NERC CIP review for physical and IT
    Security compliance standards
  • Relay Setting Review
  • Access Control Design and


  • Generator protection design and commissioning SEL-700GT,SEL-2411)
  • Engineering,Installation,and Commissioning for Water Treatment Plants Steam Generation plants Chilled water
  • Power generation plants one Line,Three Line engineering and wiring/panel design
  • SCADA system design and implementation Access Control Design and Implemantation
  • Relay Settings Review

smart grid solution

  • Our team has experience with wiring and installing electrical devices for fully testing, in a lab environment, scenario of written Test Plans associated with Smart Grid metering installations.
  • Experience with program development,using vendor software, to identify and implement time-of use(TOU) rates, electric vehicle(EV) rates, and photo-voltaic(PV) rate schedule.
  • Can assist with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AM) deployment,including but not limited to,single phase 120/240 residential meter to 120v 3phase self-contained meters.

what makes us different:

Our company hav been immersed in the utility culture for 18 years. We understand that above all else. SAFETY IS FIRST. Every member of our key staff are subject matter experts in their field. This also give us the ability to offer a safe cost-effective solution to your T&D needs.

Our goal is to always find the best in what is available, and to dedicate the time and resources to fulfill and exceeded our client’s exceptions We will do more than dot our i’s and cross t’s…. we are dedicated team to bring your project to life with fresh eyes and enthusiasm.

Hire employees and augment our staff to ensure our client receive quality solution that fit their needs.

Provide real time feedback,with complete transparency as the project is being executed, We maintain open and honest
communication at all times.

Work with existing partnership to leverage the strengths of others to the benefits of our client

How we do:

After listening carefully to the goals and concern of the client we:

  • Form teams to look at the whole and minute needs of the project. Teams are managed by an experienced Project Manager.
  • Develop project plans and schedules, at the same time monitoring risk and potential issues to ensure projects are delivered on time, on budget and within scope.

How we are certified

California public Utilistic Commission(CPUS) Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

Where we are:

Although headquartered in NC we perform work throughout the contigous US.

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